Adjustment method of microphone

Jan 07,2023

When more than one person is speaking, when multiple microphones need to be placed, the spacing between the microphone and the sound source should be 3 times greater than the spacing between the sound source and the microphone (i.e. meeting the 3:1 criterion) to reduce the phase interference when adding signals.
When someone is speaking, it is necessary to use two or more earphones (for example, making a statement) to pick up the voice, as close as possible to two or more earphones, and insist that the distance between each earpiece and the sound source (speaker's mouth) be as gentle as possible, so as to avoid phase interference when adding signals. At this moment, pay special attention to the commonness of microphone phases. Take two phones for example. If the sound of both phones has not yet been sent out by the microphone, it indicates that the two phones are in reverse phase. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the phase of one phone. Usually, the problem is in the microphone line, and it is only necessary to adjust the wiring of one phone.